Yuima Nakazato

A fashion designer. Born in Tokyo in 1985. Yuima founded his epony- mous fashion label in 2009, and has presented his collection at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week as an official guest designer since 2016. He holds an M.A. from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, where his graduate collection earned multiple awards in Europe.


Biosmocking, is a textile-modeling method for creating three-dimensional textures, utilises digital fabrication to precisely control the super contraction property of specially-tailored Brewed Protein™ textiles, and makes it possible to bring an entirely new sense of depth to garments. Experimentation with numerous prototypes and fabrication techniques have further improved this production process, resulting in the ability to create three-dimensional textures as well as modify the shape of the material itself. By this technology, we can produce garments that fits each individuals, without generating losses in textile.