Make Your Own Board Games

Try your hand at making a one-of-a-kind game by combining waste materials from small factories in Sumida-ku, such as wood, paper, cloth, leather, and plastic, with your unrestricted imagination. Board or table-top games come in many varieties: maze games, strategy games, memory games, guessing games, puzzles, battle games, balance games and more, with new games still continuously being created. By making a board game in this workshop, participants will experience procedures important to creation such as research, analysis, brainstorming, and prototyping. They will also experience the pleasure of producing something with their hands which they have come up with themselves.

【 Date and Time 】
December 16 [Sat], 1:00pm-5:00pm/December 17 [Sun], 1:00pm-5:00pm
【 Eligibility 】
Elementary school students Grades 3 through 6
【 Planning and implementation 】
Asobi Daigaku (“Play University”) (Chance For All, SSK, Seki Design Lab., Chiba University Environmental Design Lab.)
【 Cooperate with 】
Chiyoda City Education Board
【 Capacity 】
20 per session
(Advance registration required. First come, first served)
*This workshop will be conducted in Japanese.

Official photographers and news media will be taking photos and making video recordings inside the venue.
Please note visitors may appear in the ensuing photographs and video footage

Asobi Daigaku
(“Play University”)

This workshop is operated by four organizations. Chance For All creates after-school care and other inclusive environments for children with the aim of creating a society where everyone can live happily, regardless of the family or environment in which they were born and raised. SSK creates opportunities for children to have experiences that differ from everyday life. Seki Design Lab. opens its design office to the public as a form of “terakoya” (a public educational institute in the tradition of the terakoya “temple school”), providing an opportunity for children to immerse themselves in play and the things that interest them. Chiba University Environmental Design Lab. conducts research into the design of play environments in which children can play independently and freely.