12.15 FRI

Artist Talk: Anouk Wipprecht

Anouk Wipprecht creates an experience of fashion that fuses with the latest technology and transcends mere appearance. She talks about the background to the creation of the SCREENDRESS featured in this exhibition, the process of creating it, its mechanisms, and more.

【 Date & Time 】
December 15 [Fri] 11:00am-12:00am
【 Speakers 】
Anouk Wipprecht
(Hi-Tech Fashion Designer)
Hideaki Ogawa
(Creative Director of CCBT/ Co-Director of Ars Electronica Futurelab)

*Japanese-English consecutive interpretation available

Anouk Wipprecht

Hi-Tech Fashion Designer

Dutch based Hi-Tech Fashion Designer and Innovator Anouk Wipprecht. As she is working in the emerging field of "FashionTech"; a rare combination of fashion design combined with engineering, science and interaction/user experience design. Producing an impressive body of tech-enhanced designs bringing together fashion and technology in an unusual way: she creates technological couture; with systems around the body that tend towards artificial intelligence.

Hideaki Ogawa

Creative Director of CCBT/ Co-Director of Ars Electronica Futurelab

Based in Linz, Austria since 2007, where he has worked with Ars Electronica, a world-renowned cultural institution for art and technology, as an artist, curator, and researcher. He is currently co-director of the Ars Electronica Futurelab, the research and development arm of the group. He is involved in a number of cross-disciplinary international projects, including innovative projects that use art as a catalyst to prototype the future, the creation of citizen-engaged communities, and the implementation of next-generation cultural and educational programs.