12.22 FRI

The future of creativity x startups

There is great potential in the use of startups to bring about innovation in the artistic and creative fields. And these activities bring new impetus to start-up businesses. We hear about challenges to date and prospects for the future from our guest, TOKYO STARTUP GATEWAY 2019 finalist, Nayu Kakeya.

【 Date & Time 】
December 22 [Fri], 5:00pm-6:00pm
【 Speakers 】
Nayu Kakeya (Artist)
Taihei Shii (Startbahn, Inc.)
【 Planning and implementation 】
Startbahn, Inc.

Nayu Kakeya


After a stint working at a city bank, she studied at Tokyo University of the Arts in the Department of Intermedia Art. In 2016 she entered the VR/AR game industry as a designer at meleap Inc. In 2018, her work “2.5 dimensional tactile sense” hailed the beginning of her work connecting art and small-scale town factories, and in 2019 she was a finalist in Tokyo Startup Gateway. In 2021 she took part in the planning of the Kawaguchi Machikoba Art Festival, and in 2022 was involved in the launch of Yogi Atelier Co., Ltd., where she works on material design for luxury brand shops and hotels both in Japan and overseas. She currently employs an original technique combining 3D printing and gold leaf in her creation under the theme “the means to touch love.”

Taihei Shii

Startbahn, Inc., CEO/ Art Beat, Inc., CEO/ University of Tokyo's Institute of Industrial Science, visiting researcher

Born in 1977, Taihei Shii is a contemporary artist and entrepreneur. In 2014, while still a graduate student at the University of Tokyo, he founded Startbahn, a company that provides infrastructure to ensure the reliability of artworks and support the transmission of their value. The core of his business, "Startrail," received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation in recognition of its benefit to the public good. He has been a visiting researcher at the University of Tokyo's Institute of Industrial Science and a member of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's Study Group on Art and Economic Society.