12.22 FRI

From Creativity to creativities: Lessons from the Pluriverse

Can rethinking creativity help us face the turbulence, volatility and uncertainty of today’s society? What kind of creativity is needed in the 21st century? In this lecture, speaker Betti Marenko discusses the importance of shifting Creativity in the singular to a plural, multidimensional, situational, and inclusive creativity that also encompasses non-humans, drawing on events in the recent history of Western creativity.

【 Date & Time 】
December 22 [Fri], 7:00pm-8:30pm
【 Speakers 】
Betti Marenko (Transdisciplinary Theorist)

*Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available

Betti Marenko

Transdisciplinary Theorist

Dr. Marenko is a transdisciplinary theorist. She directs the Hybrid Futures Lab, a transversal research initiative at the intersection of philosophy, design, technology and future-building. She is Reader in Design and Techno-Digital Futures at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London and WRH Specially Appointed Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology where she collaborates with STADHI (Science & Technology + Art & Design Hybrid Innovation), a transdisciplinary satellite Lab developing hybrid methodologies, and research-driven innovation practices.