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Based on the Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT] mission “Co-Creative Transformation of Tokyo,” “CCBTx” is a program for implementing projects in collaboration with diverse partners across fields both in Japan and overseas with the aim of embodying the concepts of “Inspire,” “Co-Create,” “Incubate,” and “Network,” and proposing a creative social model.



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Art as Catalyst 



Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]

CCBT is a hub for the public to explore their “civic-creative” imaginations through art and digital technology. As a lab to realize and popularize this “civic creativity,” CCBT hosts projects and events in tandem with its experts and collaborators in the fields of art, design, and technology. Through its five core programs–Meetup, Workshop, Art Incubation, Camp, and Showcase–CCBT aims to become the driving force of innovation that is generated from Tokyo.


Arts Council Tokyo

Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture